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Alexia Tarabotti
11 January 2011 @ 05:20 pm
After her rather strange and adventuresome night Alexia had of course consulted with her dearest friend Ivy Hisselpenny. Of course it had been more gossiping than consulting as Ivy was rather shocked about all she had to share and had little to no advice on the matter. However, it had done her some good to confess to someone trusted about her strange encounter with Lord Maccon. After Miss Hisselpenny's visit, Alexia still had much to think about and digest, but she has such little time to do it. Ivy would not be her only caller that day. After speaking to the community, she was expected her acquaintance, Sebastian Michaelis.

Not wanting the unnecessary suspicion and annoyance of her family, Alexia planned for his visit to be closer to evening and fibbed to her mother that Lord Akeldama would be the one calling on her that evening. As usual the mention of the rove Vampire sent her mama into a tizzy and she and the rest of the family scurried away to another ball, leaving Alexia alone. Or, as alone as one can be with a house full of servants.

Patiently Alexia waited in the greeting parlor for her guest's arrival.